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Name : Sophie
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Location : Lincoln
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Personal Bio

Hello, firstly I just want to say thanks for taking the time to actually read my profile! My name is Sophie, or just Soph as my lazy friends like to call me. Let me start by saying I'm a massive Mai Hime fan and especially of Natsuki and Shizuru who I just adore, both as two separate characters and as the second greatest yuri couple (the first being Haruka and Michiru from Sailor Moon). However I do love other animes and mangas, such as Sailor Moon, Kanamemo, Claymore, Cannan, K-ON!, Witchblade, Noir, Read or Die The TV, Devil Lady and GA...I think that just about covers it! I am also a bit of a pokemon fan and play on my beloved DS and PS2 quite a lot. Well I will stop talking about myself now, hope I haven't put you to sleep!! ^_^;

Also feel free to check out my You Tube page, espeically if you are a Mai Hime or Mai Otome fan!!

Cosplay Bio

My first ever cosplay was Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4, it was a bit rubbish but I had never cosplayed before so I guess that was understandable. However since them I have got much better and in no small part to the fact that someone else now makes my costumes. So massive thank you to Bekka (aka Mew Rocky) for making them for me...but I do help sometimes with the grunt work. We have so many cool cosplay planned for the furture so watch this space!!! ^_-


Gaming / Anime / Manga / Movie Trailers (not so much the movies themselves) / Conservation and Restoration / Pokemon (dog-like in Particular ) / Dragons / Werewolves / Roleplaying / Epic Music / Collecting Mai Hime/Otome Stuff / Studio Canopus Doujinshi