Personal Information

Name : Kiley
Website :
Location : U.S. of A. .. For naow, anyways
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 3rd August 1995
Age : 21

Personal Bio

Erm.. well, i like to cosplay.. (obliviously), read manga, draw, write music, play in me band.. lotsa stuff.

Cosplay Bio

I mostly like to cosplay as Murdoc Niccals(Gorillaz--Band), or Noodle(Gorillaz--Band).. i haven't had the chance to go to any of those cosplay things yet, but i will soon! hopefully... X3


-Gorillaz--band--Murdoc Niccals / Noodle / Russel Hobbs / and 2-D. -Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice--movie/novel-- Lestat / Louie / but i hate Claudia.. -_- -Manga-- Model / Vampire Knight / Millenium Snow.. the list goes on.. X3 Anime--Trinity Blood...