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Name : Melissa
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 22nd April 1986
Age : 31

Personal Bio

Hi im Melissa and i have a passion for cosplay and art, i have been for 10 years since i was 17 years old and i believe your never too old to cosplay! well when the wrinkles start showing a facelift and other things will be needed haha you have to have a sence of humour because it makes it more fun!

I have so many cosplays i want to complete before i get too much older, i'v always been a kid at heart, i grew up playing Final Fantasy which has been the most memorable game of my life :)

Cosplay Bio

I got into cosplay when i started playing Final Fantasy X, i got attached to the character Yuna which i was 17 at the time and so was she so the first thing i did was grab and cut up my mums old white curtains and make Yuna's arm sleeves with them which you can see in an old photo i put up, my mother wasnt very happy but i had to cosplay Yuna plus she forgave me and i never did that again! hahaha :P


GAMES: Final Fantasy Series / Soul Reaver / Parasite Eve / Resident Evil / Devil May Cry and Grand Theft Auto ANIME: Inuyasha / Ranma / Fruits Basket / Gravitation FILMS: The crow / Titanic / Girl Interupted / Me Myself and Irene and many more!