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Name : Charli (Skye)
Website : http://highonmercury.deviantart.com/
Location : Great Kingshill
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th January 1995
Age : 22

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I'm a student in Year 12 studying Maths, Futher Maths Physics and Music so this kinda stuff keeps me sane haha Xd
Anyway been in this kinda area for around 3-4 years originally cosplaying and now into photography XD
SO yeah for those wondering I use a Nikon D7000 so the end result is pretty high quality!
And yeah if you want to contact me at all feel free, for cosplays and stuff I don't charge, mainly cause from experience I think its a bit much spending a lot on a costume and then again on a shoot- a good business yeah, but I enjoy doing it so XD

Cosplay Bio

My interest in Cosplay, and pretty much the thought of anime and manga was down to the mistake of my Dad Xd
Working for Honda he went on a trip to Japan and as a gift he bought me and my sister a pencil case set of Pokemon and a 'cartoon' I'd never seen before.
'What the heck's Naruto?' is the first thing I said on the dot. Haha
So after a little bit of research including a number of reckless late nights on my laptop I became a fan of the whole Japan art and culture.
My sister got into it more at first, she after all was the more ... 'social one' :3
We where like that for a while I'd focus more on my work and she on anime and stuff, hence I would have the crappie cosplays and she would have the amazing super awesome high rated ones. Or at least compared to me Xd
So through the years I ended up being the photographer for her DA and so on but me still being the anti-social person not bothering with a DA account, or at least not a proper one X3
So I'm taking this seriously, a photographer! ^_^
I'm mainly at MCM Expo London, and planning to go to other events during the year and yeah! I hope you like any photos of mine

Oh and here's Kii (my sis's) DA if ya interested in her stuff and photos XD

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Photography / Film / Anime / Manga / Cosplay