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Name : Shiyu
Location : Gemany
Gender :   

Personal Bio

Hey Members :)

Name: Shiyu
PLZ: Germany
Age: 24
Hair colour: brown
Eyes: Blue
Status: taken
Sex: Heterosexuell
Hobbys: Animes /Mangas, music, cosplay, conventions.games, drawing, Bass/Guitar/Drums playing. etc

Love Animes: Another, Elfen Lied, Kore wa Zombie desuka, Hioghschool of Dead,Black Rock Shooter, Naruto, Bleach etc

Fav. Music: Emocore, Dubstep, Hardstyle,Vocaloid

Cosplay Bio

I cosplaye since 2005, my first cosplay was a schoolgirl from Battle Royale since a few visual kei outfits and now Anime / Games Cosplays.

I'm going for a few years, it is my favorite hobby cosplay :)

and srry my english is bad >_>

Contact Information

Skype: SadnessWorldOffMina
Animexx: Hellsycthe
Msn: Scene-Queen@live.de


Games / Anime/Manga / Cosplay / Japan / Musik / my boyfriend etc