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Name : Amber
Website : http://www.ambersaur.com/
Location : Bristol
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 7th July 2000
Age : 16

Personal Bio

i love animals and have been known on several occasions to randomly bring home various "animals in distress",
(or rip open wire fencing to get into a British Aerospace to rescue a stranded cat)

Things i hate,
people with no manners, (it doesn't take a lot to say please and thank you)
having most of my buddies live so far away
people who drive stupidly (drink drivers included, it is NEVER WORTH IT!)

Cosplay Bio

i've been cosplaying at conventions since Oct 2005 and have been hooked ever since, i've always been a fan of fancy dress and have many self made and bought generic costumes (bunny/policelady/cowgirl/fairy)and i live working on my own concept designs and variants of existing characters
i think it was influenced when i was in my highschool years i was tutored at home for a long while and the only time i went into the school was in the evening with my mum who was on the Drama committee, i had unlimited access to the school costume cupboard as well as being involved with the making of scenery and large props, (we made a replica working wurlitzer jukebox for their production of grease)

also i've had the benefit of my mum (in her youth) was a seemstress and industrial upholsterer for rolls royce who has worked with almost every type of fabric imaginable including leather and has a machine that can cope with 3 layers of cowhide O_o she also has more sewing knowledge than you could shake a stick at

(Big up mums! they're fab)

Contact Information

you can email me at: amberbradley@email2me.net


for those that have ever seen it...

Wed, 03 Mar 2010 00:09:49 GMT

Nodame Cantabile,

I really love the series and would recommend it to anyone that likes anime, classical music, or errr..... hitting women???

anyways i love this AMV because it reminds me alot of my weird randomness and the Nodame-Chiaki relationship is just too adorable

anyway enjoy and giggle!!



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