Personal Information

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Name : Hayley
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th May 1995
Age : 22

Personal Bio

I'm Hayley, I enjoy spending time with my friends, drawing, cosplaying, writing songs, stories and poems, making videos on youtube and mainly sitting on the computer. xD I also really enjoy traveling and going to new places.

Cosplay Bio

I really love cosplay, what first got me started was one day my friend told me to watch elfen lied and I got really interested. I then went on to watch fma and naruto. Halloween came up and i thought, i should dress up as lucy from elfen lied, so i did. and then i realized lots of people did it. I'm really proud that my cosplays have improved since I started and I'm also proud of my knowledge of things now. As I've learnt from trying to plan my grell cosplay,however, i need to improve my knowledge of making things textile wise, instead of everyone else helping me :) My greatest achievement so far is managing to go on stage at the masquerade at jcc 2010, i was shaking so much. Also, being able to make my gourd prop was a challenge and I'm proud of my self of being able to make that.


Anime / Manga / yaoi / fanfiction / stories / poems / songs / traveling / drawing / videos / guitar / singing