Personal Information

Name : Louise
Website : http://www.littlebyromstud.co.uk
Location : Now, Nagoya Japan.
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th April 2009
Age : 8

Personal Bio

Yo. I'm in Japan right now, studying Japanese like there's no tomorrow... aiming for level 2 JLPT! Hurrah! I like languages and stuff.. and making things. And dressing up. And singing and dancing, but Izayoi Aki isn't likely to do that, unless they make a Yugioh 5ds musical, so that isn't going to be happening at whatever this convention is called... and don't say it'll never happen. This is JAPAN.

Cosplay Bio

I kind of suck at cosplaying. Yeah. I've been doing it since I was about 15, albeit few times and not at a con. My current project is Izayoi Aki and I could have hugged the girl at Cospa who actually knew who I was talking about. Japan has cosplay stores, people. Tis the promised land.


anime / manga / games / card games / languages / Japanese / German / stuff...