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Name : GreyCloud
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Location : NorthernIreland
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Date of Birth : 20th October 1995
Age : 19

Personal Bio

Hey dudes! :D I'm just the avarage Otaku living in lonely Northern Ireland, if you wanna chat, don't be scared. I won't hurt chu~ *innocence* Anyway, I'v liked Anime as long as I can remember. It first started of with Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh ect ect. But when I was 10 I started to learn more about the "Real Anime"! Anyway, I LOVE cosplay, reading manga and watching anime (obviously). I'ma gamer too, my favourite games are Spyro, Okami, Crash Bandicoot, Pokemon and a few others :D

Cosplay Bio

Well, I'v been into cosplay for about three years now. I first got into it when I first found out about Anime Conventions, I never knew such wonderful things existed! My first ever cosplay was Edward Elric from the FullMetal Alchemist. Simple, it was my favourite anime at the time and I wanted to cosplay as someone who was voiced by the great Vic Mignogna! I havent made my own yet, so far most of em are from eBay or clothes from the store, but I'll start to make one soon!

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Hey guys! Add me on this shiz ;D

DeviantArt: GreyCloudWolf
YouTube: GreyCloudArcanine
UKFur: GreyCloudWolf
AnimeLeague: GreyCloudWolf


Anime / Manga / Cosplay / Animals / Mythology / Gaming / Drawing and collecting random Japanese related stuffs :3