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Name : Alex
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Location : York
Date of Birth : 19th May 1989
Age : 27

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I have been cosplaying and building cosplay costumes since 2006, and LARPing since 2007. Through LARPing I got into leatherworking and armour-making, and I've never really looked back. I run a small business making LARP-related leatherwork, leather trinkets, jewellery, and other bits and pieces that can be found on my Etsy site (linked from my website below).
I have a Masters degree in English literary studies which I received in January 2012, and at the time of writing this I am still very much unemployed. I would love to get into the film/stage industry doing costumes and SFX, but that road seems a little far away right now.
Some of my other personal interests and pursuits include writing poetry (currently unpublished), sketch work, folk singing, diabolo spinning, poi, fire poi and contact juggling.

Cosplay Bio

I got started by browsing and looking for Red XIII costumes, when I found there were very few/none finished I decided to make one, talk about starting at the deep end! He was a quadsuit with a glowing tail, follow-me eyes and a moving jaw, and I thorughly enjoyed building and playing him. My proudest moment was realising the hellish travel and months of no sleep were worth it, walking into the Excel Centre as Catbus and getting people squeaking with delight to see it, not to mention the huge cheer the crowd gave it at the masquerade - even if my eyelight on one side did go off as I went on stage!

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Livejournal: gracewing
Skype: gracewing.ezraphel
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New Look! And hopefully more updates...

Fri, 06 Sep 2013 00:25:06 GMT

 Hello! I finally updated the LiveJournal and I'm playing about with various themes and layouts to try and make it a bit easier to navigate my reviews, event feedback and posts about new kit. Currently we're on the 'orange-y thing' layout whilst I try and find something with a calendar, tags and recent posts list that is in a less offensive set of colours. Suggestions most welcome!

Ark! Ark! Art..! By Megan Williams.

The hope for this blog is that I will update it in batches when I can, so that people can use the tags to navigate through and find reviews/specific events that they would like to read about, rather than manually scrolling all the way through. We'll see how well this works and if by the new year it's still a mess I'll be moving to a different blog site.

Commissions are currently OPEN for the Winter 2013 period, and I have a few slots available. I am able to take on small-medium size items all the time over the Winter period, please email me for more details.

As always, and emails/questions can be directed to EPHYN [DOT] DESIGNS [AT] GMAIL [DOT] COM

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