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Name : Stephanie
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Location : Hartlepool
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 20th September 1993
Age : 22

Personal Bio

bout me:
Me,well...I'm all about...anime,Japaneses stuff,final fantasy and other square enix games,dreams, music especially ones by Kate_the_great and Utada Hikaru, friends and making people smile and laugh, being true to myself.I have... different shades of blonde for hair, Blue eyes with white waves at the edges, I am 4.11 ft in hight lol. I am... one of the oldest in the my year yet i am one of the smallest them And i think thats enough for you lol so there you go thats a bit about me....I said thats it why are you still want to know more??? (jokes)

Being with freinds, sprinting, Playing in computer games, watching animes, singing and cant be boshed to write any more!!!!

Anime(Sailor moon, Studio ghibli movies, Shugo chara, lucky star, Ouran high, card captors.....)Final fantasy series, kingdom hearts and other sqaure games, rpg's, and so on....

Favourite Music:
Utada hikaru faverate singer, sqaure game's music, Rock, J-rock/pop,some anime songs, indie, ...

Favourite TV Programmes:
Britains got talent
Master Cheif
Home & Away

Favourite Films:
FF7-Advebnt Children
Stugio Ghibli Films
Bridge To Terrabithia
10th Kingdom
Pirates of the Carriebian (or however you spell it)

Favourite Books:
MANGA!!!Midnight, Artimice Fowel, Jackqueline Wilson, and many other books that i cannot remember....

Favourite Quotations:
"Oh my Goodness"
"Were there is darkness light is within"
"Always Smile "
"Knock me down, i'll get right back up again,Ill come back stronger then a powered up pacman"
"They taped over your mouth,scribbled out the truth with there lies' you little spies."