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Name : Robert
Location : Norfolk
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 15th May 1991
Age : 26

Personal Bio

other names: Gimli, the dwarf, pisshead (because im seemingly drunk all the time)

How to describe me in a few words:

Theoretically impossible

But in full…

How does one describe a Thing like Gimli? Most of his Friends settle on 'Insane' and leave it at that. He's a vile, politically incorrect, psychotic, [s]paranoid[/s], [s]caffeine addict[/s] Musician. He has the dubious honor of being excommunicated for three weeks after setting fire to a music college's vending machine after it apparently "Put stealth creamer in my coffee, the tin bastard!"

How he is still alive, continues to baffle humans everywhere.
On a positive note, physically Gimli can be extremely quick and agile when he feels that the situation warrants. Unfortunately, this is usually only when his well-documented fear of heights or well-controlled temper comes into play.
Nobody is quite sure how he ever made the grade. Clerical error is suspected, but unproven.

To call him incompetent would be unfair, as Gimli is actually very good at what he does. Unfortunately, what he actually "does" has yet to be determined.

A career underachiever, he has about as much self-motivation as a Fernexite has social skills. He is calm and collected, except under pressure when it counts, and while possessed mostly of good intentions, he is either too lazy, cowardly, or just plain idiotic to follow through. And he never files his damned paperwork on time either.
Indeed, this being's mere existence is a blasphemy.

Cosplay Bio

My interest in cosplay started around 3 or 4 years ago
due to the fact that i was a performing arts student, and had to play a certain role 3 times (edna turnblad) it came naturaly so i thought why not make a hobby of it, like i did with the guitar. most of these costumes i have planned will be done ( hopefully ) but dont expecte miracles :D after all we music students need work too!


films / gaming / sci-fi / anime / manga / music / musicals / watching people die in explictitly horrific ways / horror movies / making people die in explictitly horrific ways (I WISH)