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Name : Jemma
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Location : Hounslow, London
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Date of Birth : 11th August 1987
Age : 26

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I specialise in wigs and run my own commission business ^^ I also love make up art and the crazier the better, I enjoy every aspect of it!
I am a hairdresser by trade and have 4 awards for my efforts so far, and have been doing wigs for 6 years now :)

I'm think I'm very easy to get on with and love meeting new people! It has been said I'm a little flambuoyant and overbearing, but I just say I'm extrovert ;) But I will openly admit to freaking out a few people.

My favourite costume is my Crisis Core Cloud costume, but I've noticed recently I might be getting a bit past it to be young Cloud. I have one version of him left I want to do and then it's over!
I'm not very good at making costumes at all and my skill level is very low but I kind of make it up as I go along ^^; I've just recently started learning to use patterns, and it's a real adventure!
I'm also starting to get into props as well, and so far it's tremendous fun!
Much love to all!

Cosplay Bio

I've done more costumes than I've shown photos of, but then I have my reasons for not including them! My first costume was AC Cloud in 2005 and it took my 2 years to get it the way I wanted it. It's now retired ^^
Wigs are my favourite part of a costume so I like to choose costumes with unusual hairstyles ;) Crazy make up is also a big passion for me so I hope to expand onto that at some point. I'm also dabbling in fribreglass ad the suchlike, and if i get good enough maybe I'll begin to offer that service as well, but for now, it's just fine the way it is ^^

Major point - I cosplay because I love the characters I cosplay, I'm not a competetive cosplayer.

Contact Information

I'm a member of (who isn't these days? lol), Deathcom media, the Neomag forums (VERY occassionally!), the Amecon forums, the Auchinawa forums and run my own business ^^ I also have a DevArt account I rarely use and a account that hasn't been updated for a couple of years.
Here are the links to a couple if you get curious, but each is about the same as the rest!
Deathcom media:
Jemma wigs:

I'm also on facebook and myspace and LiveJournal (for wasting time).

I think that's enough ;)



Selling stuff

Sun, 26 Aug 2012 20:45:52 GMT

So, I desperately need cash to make ends meet so I'm selling my Kimono and accessories.
Apologies for bad pictures - poorly lit room and reliance on camera phone = lame.

The kimono and obi on the right. The obi is a Nagoya obi, therefore half sewn down - it dates from the 70's.
The kimono also dates late 70's and is a heavy winter kimono typically worn by a married woman.

Close up of Obi.

Close up of kimono design.

Furisode Juuban with chrysanthemum emboss design. Utterly beautiful, worn by young unmarried women beneath their outer furisode kimono. Furisode = Long dangling sleeves. Modern dating around 90's.

Red and gold juuban. Typically worn beneath short sleeved kimono. The design is eye catching! Collar is stained but would have a stitch-over collar ontop ordinarily when worn. Dates 70's.

This juuban is rather special - it is entirely red, only the sleeves and waist-down have a crane emboss design - the torso is plain. Being entirely red, this is a rarity and was likely worn by either a young Maiko or Kabuki actor. There is some slight staining from make up around the collar.
Dates 70's.

Ofuku (senior) Maiko wig. Hand made for me by an authentic wig artisan in Japan who works with geisha and kabuki actors. Comes in a huge wooden storage case. Has a full metal interior frame to ensure the style doesn't budge. Weighs a lot to wear. Has a latex hairline for seamless blending. 100% genuine, also real hair. Has no ornaments, just the wig. Worn only once for this photoset. Would be expensive to post if you cannot arrange to collect!!

I'm open to offers of any sort, but please be fair :)

Pass the message on if you know anyone who may have an interest!

Thank you!

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hairdressing / Wig styling / make up art / artistic modelling / languages / asian history / yaoi. Other stuff but / does it need listing?