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Name : Bethanie Grace
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Location : Sittingbourne, Kent, United Kingdom
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Date of Birth : 11th December 1992
Age : 24

Personal Bio

Firstly my personal photo IS Me,
Now to the real stuff,
I'm a full-time artist and cosplayer, I mean I literally to everyday things, such as shops etc. in cosplay,
As an artist I cover a range of such as Real life (potraits, animals, people etc.) Still Life, fantasy, anime/manga, cartoon, fanart, design work (clothes, make-up, characters etc.) clay works, sculpting and i'm learning to sprite too.
i use sketch pencils, colour pencils, art markers, paint (watercolour and acrylic) inks, digital, clay, plaster, mod-roc and most anything that I think I can utilise.

I have a lovely Fiance, He's really great and gives me so much support with both of my mentioned passions (i love to sing too, but he hasn't really heard me)

i'm on dA you can visit if you want but i plan on a major upgrade soon (new and much better scans to replace photographed work, and uploading my new work seeing as i've made progress skill-wise)

I'm on facebook too, my name is Bethanie Grace Knell (the one and only i might add (or last time I checked) I have a selection of art on there that isn't on deviantART, if you want to be friends just say you saw me on this site

Now... for my personality... *shudders* Online I'm friendly and happy and kind, in person i'm a bit of a mental wreck (one which loves cuddles though) I just don't see why others online should have to deal with it, I mean in person, i'm scared of too many things.. like triangle sandwiches, talking to people and sheep for starters, I get illusions of things that aren't there (apparently from paranoia but idk, i guess the doctors know best) I seem to forget chunks of time, like i'll be drawing on my bed but then randomly i'll be in the garden or road that sorta thing, i also seem to have a second side to my personality who is hateful and doesn't seem to know that trying to hurt people is wrong (apparently her name is Unay), i'm not aware of this happening but i've been informed afterwards, it's just a lapse in time to me, but i'm on medicines and trying to help myself however I can, but online i feel free of these things(although i was informed that Unay has facebook, but i don't know her email or password so i can't deactivate it) and find it easier to be happy, especially knowing lots of other people go through the same as me and so much worse besides.
despite these set backs I am a very loving and (i like to think) affectionate person, i don't have many friends, as a lot of people are put off by my (apparent) problems, but hey i'm a nice girl, I would love more friends, but i'd rather be honest about what can happen rather than them getting a random nasty surprise, so I guess my honesty costs me friends, i'd prefer keep people safe though, so if that's how it's gotta be then that's that.

sorry for my ramble, but that's me pretty much summed up

Cosplay Bio

I cosplay through passion, i've always loved dreesing up and pretending to be someone else,
it's just so easy to get lost in a character.
as mentioned above I love the feeling to the point of cosplaying for any reason possible,
even if I just feel like it at 1am.
I have many small projects, including a Latias hat (well sorta, it's kinda like a hat/helmet hybrid (blurggh mouthful)) I made, through to bags and cute things (like a fluffy mouse (from a pet shop) on a hair clip to cosplay a kitty,

I like cosplaying actual canon characters (i believe they are called?) but I love designing and cosplaying my OCs, such as my Diclonius OC Kyoko, she's adorable (I think I need to make my nose smaller and stuff to cosplay her better, "TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!" *flies away*)

I love making cosplays from scratch but sometimes I have to just buy items due to time, as a working artist I spend a lot of time on that, I wish I had more time to make items instead of buying them, I get such a sense of achievement from it,

also I spend a lot of time practising make-up to suit different cosplay themes, I guess I'm pretty proud of my make-up technique, although it probably sucks.

I plan to progress much further in my cosplaying ventures, and hopefully get the money to attend an expo one time, maybe I'll see you there?

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Art / Singing / Acting / Crafting / Photographing animals (mainly pets) Cosplaying / discovering dA 'plz' icons / discovering peoples talents / Make-up / Hair / Face painting / Being a Princess on a 2009 and 2011 Carnival Court (Teynham) and making friends (cliche) online