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Name : Mel
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Location : England
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Date of Birth : 9th June 1991
Age : 22

Personal Bio

Heylooo!! >8D
My name's Mel, or Melzi, or Freyarule or Freya or whatever you want within reason! I'm an adult and yet I still act and think like a kid |D aaah youth. I love cosplay and cons because I get to meet like minded people, plus cosplaying brings out the creative side in me. I'm nowhere perfect yet, I'm still learning in some areas but I always challenge myself and do my best in each and every cosplay! I also perform skits either with my boyfriend neko_riddles or in a group, I love performing and making people laugh :D

I'm shy when you first meet me, especially when I'm around non-con folks - I'm always like that but when you get to know me I'm very hyper and chatty! So if you do see me around, please come and say hi :D

Cosplay Bio

I first got into cosplay when a friend introduced me to the London Expo. Kicking myself for not knowing of it sooner, May 08 was my first expo, with a comissioned Tohru Honda costume as my cosplay. Since then, I've developed my cosplay skills and have taken part in masquerades, both individually and in groups. I look forward to making more cosplays, and to increase my skills even more! I am a co-founder and member of the old BananaCheesecakePieSquad, the only things we really did was the Phoenix Wright skit and the Digimon group LMAO!

If I really had to choose my favourite cosplays so far, it will be a mix of Stiltzkin, Dilandau, Celestia and Rainbow Miku. But I have yet to make and wear a cosplay that was perfect - there's always SOMETHING....OTL

Contact Information

You can find me on DA,, and on most convention forums, and probably some other places. I have the same username of Freyarule ^^


video games (mostly RPGs or cute games like Cooking Mama) / manga / animuuuu / Disney and Disney/Pixar films / PONIES / making cosplays / having fun with friends.