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Name : Minnie
Location : UK
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 7th January 1997
Age : 17

Personal Bio

I write Steampunk for teens >w<
Cosplaying from the UK! I love shoujo anime and manga, but am also into gothic/visual-kei thingamijigs.

Random Facts About Me:
I believe in God~
I like hugs~
I love being me~
I like smilies and shippings and fluffy things ~ :)
Vocaloid + Pokemon~
I'm mushy.
Cons I've Crashed:
ReCon (September 2012)
London MCM (May 2013)

Cosplay Bio

I used to browse through pages of cosplay photos - not realizing at the time that this was cosplay - because I loved seeing how different people brought my favourite characters to life. I started to cosplay in June 2012. My favorite aspect to cosplay is definitely the roleplaying side of it - again, becoming my favourite characters. I'm still fairly new to cosplay, so I'm not all that experienced, but this is something I really enjoy and hope to do for a long time. :3

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