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Name : Frann
Location : Weston-super-mare
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 28th April 1993
Age : 24

Personal Bio

Hmm Lets see.My name is fran,but some just call me sensei =]
Cosplaying and anime are pretty much my life..including music.
I get wayyy too excited over the character Kakashi hatake..Its a unhealthy
obesssion.I mean,i transferred him on to my boxers for pete's sake =]
Yes i wear boxers...they are alot better than thongs,take my word for it.

I play like 6 instruments which are piano,vocals,guitar,cello,violin and a bit of bass.I plan to take a national diploma in BTEC Music Practice in september =]

I am abit out there..i dont really care if people think im a loony,thats just me.
i wanna sing and dance in the middle of the street then so be it!

Cosplay Bio

Been intrested in cosplay for a while now.My friend karen introduced me to it.THANKS KAZ!.I love making the cosplays quite alot,its a challenge but rather amusing.One thing i love about cosplaying alot is that i get to see kakashi sensei come to life =]=]

I am going to london expo in may.
Im doing gekkou hayate on saturday
and kakashi i ca finally love myself =]=]
So yeah =]

Im part of a cosplay group named Brokenbonds.
We have got some stuff on youtube but our real skit stuff is in progress.


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Anime / Cosplay / Music / Games / Artwork / Marital Arts / Kakashi sensei! / Fencing / Market dancing with kazz =]