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Name : Emmy
Website : https://www.facebook.com/FairyPorchQueenCosplay
Location : Hertfordshire
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 18th June 1988
Age : 28

Personal Bio

I have black eyes and black hair. Pretty plain really.

(゚、 。 7
 l、 ~ヽ

I studied Fine Art for 4years. I love art, drawing, painting, i love making things. I love Hello kitty, Gaming, Music, Toys, Cute things, Boxing/Kickboxing, and watching a good tv series.

I have a cat called Moogle ^__^ shes so cute, i love her. I also have a pet mouse called Squid, and 4 snails all kinda going by the name Gary.

I have too many games, and too many consoles. I LOOOOOOVE Final Fantasy, spesh VII and VIII, i love VIII so much i turn into a nut-case.

I also love Disney i grew up with it.

OH and......
YAY for Studio ghibli! ^__^

Cosplay Bio

I've loved dressing up all my life, and always wanted to have the chance to cosplay Final Fantasy characters, and many others, i look at them and think wow i really want to do that.
My frst con was in October 2007, and the following year in May 2008 i wore my first costumes! Ive been doing it ever since and i never go to a con out of costume now. I do roughly about 2-3 cons a year now.

My first "proper" costume is of the Final Fantasy character Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII. I choose to cosplay as her because, ive always felt like a Rinoa and loved her clothing since i first played the game. I really felt like i could relate to the character.So now ive actually had the chance, and loved being her in everyway.

I have a dream, of making Belle from Beauty and the Beast's ball gown, that would be an amazing cosplay.

My most memorable cosplay experience so far is, Just going and seeing everyone else cosplaying and enjoying it. Ive met so many lovely friends through cosplay. And having a lady go "aww your such a cute Aeris, i wana take you home", that was pretty cool :) Another one was finally going up on stage at expo...scary! And winning the NEO cosplay corner shoot twice in one year, First time i'd entered!

I finally have a sewing machine too, so i dont have to sew everything by hand woop! Im still learning, trying really hard to get better.


Cosplaying / Cats / Final Fantasy / PS3 / DS / CSI / Rats / Disney / Makeup / Fashion / Eyebrows.