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Name : Samuel
Website : http://ffzidane.deviantart.com/
Location : Wirral
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 1st August 1983
Age : 33

Personal Bio

Ermm Male? lol Yeah, bit of an extrovert, sometime an intorvert, depends on my mood! Love to cosplay and trying to make more of my own costumes these days! Also been doing carpentry in college so trying to make my own props too XD

Anime wise (Why didnt I put this earlier XD) Im a huge Detriot Metal City fan! Pandora Hearts, Ghost In The Shell, Outlaw Star, Lupin the 3rd, pretty much anything Gundam. Also Love Scrubs XD Preffer old doctor who but the new one arent bad (sometimes XD), I think thats it XD

Cosplay Bio

Albert Wesker, Resi 1. Reno, FF7. Gilbert Nightray (artbook version) Pandora Hearts. Angeal, FF7:CC. Lupin, lupin the third. Jubei, Ninja scroll. Black jack: The surgeon witht the hands of god, black jack. Auron: FF10, Raven: Tales of Vesperia.

Probably more.....I really should get pics of a lot of these and update my CI lol.

Contact Information

Look for Albert 'Nightray' Wesker for FB times XD


Anime / manga sci-fi and fantasy / reading etc etc