Personal Information

Name : Matthew
Location : Marlow
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th March 1982
Age : 35

Personal Bio

Hmmm always get a lil stuck here well i enjoy gaming and anime alot i enjoy all styles of anime and my gaming involves both consoles and PC mainly RPGS all styles and all types :)

Cosplay Bio

Hmmm well im new to cosplay to be honest i went to amecon where i had my first taste and i liked it!!!! the people were all friendly and the atmosphere was excellent and i would like to go to more and meet even more people :)

Contact Information

If anyone wants to know anymore or just chat feel free to add me on msn Lordmech@hotmail.co.uk


my intrests are Gaming-all types mainly Rpg / Films are also good as i enjoy the cinema again all types action top of the list tho / Anime is a very big thing with myself enjoyin all types same with Mange tho i dont read as much of them as i would like tho King of Hell is just plain awesome.