Personal Information

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Name : Char
Website : http://www.youtube.com/emoslastkiss
Location : Leeds, UK
Date of Birth : 13th July 1993
Age : 22

Personal Bio

Hello ~ My name is Char and I am a genderqueer individual from Yorkshire!

My first language is English, but I can also speak Japanese (albeit not fluently, but still enough to usually converse well) which I have been slowly self-teaching myself for several years.
As well as being interested in the obvious things like acting, I also enjoy art; photography, writing, video-editing, v/blogging, singing and dancing (I was on the Beckii Cruel documentary and formed a group with some of those also dragged into it).
I have been a member of Oishii☆Project, an internet idol group, and of MKDanceUK, who I performed with for 5 years! (Please check us out on YouTube ♪)

Something to bare in mind if you meet me is that I have a hearing impairment; I often miss a lot of what people say, and my defence mechanism is to just laugh and pretend I heard what was said, whilst trying to fit what you might've said together in my brain. Basically if I do this or seem lost, then I haven't heard what you said ;; So please don't feel offended or like you shouldn't check with me, by all means please make sure with me! (I'm sorry for being so awkward ;; welp)

A bit more info?
Height: 173cm/5'8"
Face Shape: Oval
Hair: Dark blonde
Eyes: Ocean Blue. With hazel around the pupils.
Doubutsu Uranai: Green Fawn.
Bloodtype: I don't know;; A- or O- most likely.

Cosplay Bio

I wanted an outfit like Amu Hinamori's from Shugo Chara, so I looked on Ebay for one. When I saw that, and realised it was called 'cosplay' which I had heard on so many animes, I started reading about it and looking at other peoples. I love to act, and I act as my favourite characters regulary! So I now hope to cosplay at expos a lot ^^
I love how I've finally found my place in the world- a place that's got everything I love in it, and so many amazing people! ^^

Conventions I've been to:
★Thought Bubble 21st November 2009
☆Midlands MCM Expo 20th Feb 2010
★London MCM Expo May 2010( Both Days-29th & 30th )
☆Otaku Attack( 7th August, Leeds )
★London MCM Expo October 2010( ALL 3 DAYS 8D )
☆Thought Bubble November 2010
★Midlands MCM Expo 2011
☆London MCM Expo May 2011
★Manchester MCM Expo 2011
☆Manga Attack( 27th August 2011, Leeds )
★London MCM Expo October 2011
☆Thought Bubble 2011
★Hyper Japan February 2012
☆London MCM Expo( 26th May 2012 )
★London MCM Expo October 2012
☆Thought Bubble 2012
★Hyper Japan Christmas 2012
☆Hyper Japan July 2013
★London Comic Con October 2013
☆Thought Bubble 2013
★Yorkshire Cosplay Con 2014
☆Waterstones Mini Con (30th October 2014, Leeds)
★Thought Bubble 2014
☆Amechibi 2015
★Hyper Japan 2015
☆Kitacon 2015
★ALcon 2015
☆Anime Festival Maribor (19th March 2016, Maribor)

Conventions I plan on going to: The Calling, Amecon 2016,

Contact Information

LiveJournal: http://emoslastkiss.livejournal.com/
Cosplay.com: http://www.cosplay.com/member/186361/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/EmosLastKiss
DeviantArt: http://emoslastkiss.deviantart.com
Tumblr: http://enchanting-elk.tumblr.com/
Blogspot: http://enchanting-elk.blogspot.co.uk/



gaming / anime / manga / cosplay / existance / the universe / evanescence / filming / movie-making / art / drawing / digital art / performing / acting / singing / acoustic guitar / electric guitar / drums / Hetalia / Arthur Kirkland / Shugo Chara / Amu Hinamori / The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya / Haruhi Suzumiya / The Genderbending of Haruki Suzumiya / Kyonko / Miku Hatsune / VOCALOID2 / VOCALOID / Alice in Wonderland / punk / Doctor Who / unique / para para dance / hearts / stars / spades / diamonds / union flag / union jack / unionjack / british / japanese / japan / photography