Personal Information

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Name : Emi
Website : http://emi-zone.deviantart.com
Location : England
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 9th August 1991
Age : 25

Personal Bio

I'm currently in the midst of an illustration Honours Degree, I'm an avid photographer who considers running away to join Cirque Du Soleil quite regularly <3
[Despite having no circus talents whatsoever]

I'm very prone to daydreaming, random outbursts of song [not always neccisarily decent], always managing to find a way to doodle on your book/face and most likely forgetting who you are when I re meet you - unless you say your name six times and shake me a little :l

I'm naturally shy - but that can change very quickly if I feel confident with the surrounding company =]
If you're really that interested in me to still be reading just come say hello at a con! ~

Cosplay Bio

I first started cosplaying in September 2007 - I was invited to the Telford Mdlands Expo. As I was in a KH phase from recently completeing both games I decided to cosplay Kairi. So she was my first cosplay, alternatively the dress was bought since my sewing skills [still probably] were sucky XD

Contact Information

Deviantart - Emi-zone [cosplay account]
Deviantart - Emzone [Photography account]
Cosplay.com - Emzone


Art / Anime / Graphics / Manga / Photography / Animals / Laser Quest / Swimming / Going to New Places / Reading / Writing / Drawing / Travelling / Ouran High School / kingdom Hearts / final fantasy / D.Gray-man / Soul Eater / Elementar Gerad / Kamichama Karin / deviantart / COSPLAY 8D 8D