Personal Information

Name : Callum
Location : United Kingdom
Gender :   

Personal Bio

Well i love using my imagination and making things, im currently in a games dev course where im making a game. making things is my passion i love making new things and making sure they get done properly and i get annoyed when it doesn't go as i had in visioned or planned :(

Cosplay Bio

Hey, ummmm... not really sure what to put here. Im kind of new to cosplaying but have wanted to get into it for a while but never really had anyone to go with, but my friend goes to them alot so im finally going to start :D. already got an idea for my first cosplay, might have a second one planned if i have the money.


I have a lot of interests and will always give something a try before loving or hating it. It one of the things i hate about people who criticize what people watch even tho they haven't even given it a try.