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Name : Eithan
Location : Essex
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Personal Bio

Yo, I'm Eithan ElectroniK. I'm a proud Uke to my wonderful Seme Ed ^__^ <3

Im a hyperactive teenager who fits into the "emo" category, emo kids are hawt right?? xD jk's i think im ugly. I may have a boyfriend but im not gay im Bi, so all you lucky girls can get a piece of this sexy beast too xD friend me, i like friends! :D

Cosplay Bio

Ive been cosplaying for many years now, i first found out about when i was about 8, i had always loved anime as i was introduced to it since i was a little kid (my mum also liked anime/manga so she introduced to me at a young age xP) so when my sister found out about cosplay on the internet through looking at anime and manga she told me and we have both cosplayed ever since. my first cosplay was a neko-boy xD and then my first hand made cosplay was Sora from kingdom hearts. :3


skateboarding / playing drums / playing guitar / singing / drawing / music / creative writing / play fighting with ma buddies / photography / cosplay (duh) xD