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Name : Elsa
Website : http://efia.deviantart.com
Location : UK
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Personal Bio

Recently returned to the cosplay world after 16 month hiatus, sorry guys! :P But I'm back and after attending Ayacon 2011 I'm brimming with more ideas and ambitions and can't wait to start work on my next project :)

Cosplay Bio

The first time I cosplayed was in May 2005, as Lust from Full Metal Alchemist :-) It was so much fun, I didn't look back! Overtime my costume collection has increased quite a bit, as has my obsession with making costumes from scratch ^_^ Stressful at times, especially when the deadline is a few days away! But incredible enjoyable and rewarding also.

It's quite rare that I reuse my cosplays, no matter how much I love them! There's so many costumes that I would love to make and wear, I'd rather spend time on something new then wearing something that I've already shown :) I see cosplay as my creative outlet and form of expression, as well as being a confidence boost and an opportunity to demonstrate what I can do ^_^ As mentioned above, I disappeared from the scene for well over a year between May 2010 until August 2011, when real life, increased pressure and responsibilities took over. I realise now that it left a fair creative and social void that I began to miss, so now I'm looking forward to catching up on lost time!


Travelling to and from London / cinema / shopping for clothes and costume bits and pieces / video gaming / drawing / writing (in my online RPG) / psychology / animé / managa / cosplaying / Angel Sanctuary / Free Collars Kingdom / gaming / Final Fantasy VII / Viva Pinata / Overlord / Lost Oddyssey / Pokemon / Digimon / Within Temptation / Cradle of Filth / Deathstars / Disney / Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children / Balto / The Crow / Moulin Rouge / Batman Begins / Transformers / Shrek 2 / The Prestige / Happy Feet / kitties / mythical creatures / dragons / unicorns / angels / demons / vampires / werekin / gryphons / fae