Personal Information

Name : Aimee
Location : England/Portsmouth
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 7th February 1987
Age : 30

Personal Bio


I am Aimee Bailey ^_^, I love Final Fantasy and I like Anime. My Fave films are X-men, Tomb Raider, The Mask (Jim Carrey), Mulan, I love the Little Mermaid lol, I cant think of anymore so I guess more will be coming soon.......I live with my Parents and 2 brothers and Dog, My dream is to be Famous, Actress, So maybe one day cosplaying might do something about it ^_^ I hope lol. I go on SecondLife as Aeris Yue (Sometimes) or Quistis Quandry (Sometimes)^_^. I have met some Celebrity's like Paul O'Grady, Heath Harris & Orville (The Picture you can see on my Profile, I know its not a good Pic but the Pic was taken on my Dad's Phone Hope ya lot can see it), Joan Rivers, Shane Ward & Terry Wogan....Lucky me ^_^
And yes, My Birthday, Month and Year is The same as Aeris Gainsborough from Final Fantasy 7

Cosplay Bio

Never Cosplayed b4 ^_^


Computer / TV / Secondlife (Sometimes) / Wii / PlayStation / Xbox 360 / Shopping (Sometimes) / Swimming / Going to Theatre / Reading (sometimes) / More coming soon lol