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Name : Raisa
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 20th February 1987
Age : 30

Personal Bio

I'm an Artist, Writer and Dreamer. Have a problem with that... Good.

I am a dreamer that is stuck in a world where my creativity is denied due to the fact that you must have money to get by. It sucks, but I still try.

I love designing and cosplaying. Currently in the process of making my first cosplay on my own.

Cosplay Bio

I have been wearing custom Halloween outfits since I was a Baby. My first Halloween costume was a court jester that had a total of 120 small/tine bells sewed on. Another complicated costume I wore as a child was that of two ball gowns, one Cinderellas and the other was Belle from Beauty and the beast. One won first prize at school both years in the row. So naturally I would convert this passion of wearing costumes on Halloween, to something else I love which is Anime/Manga.


Art, Art and more Art

Tue, 16 Oct 2012 03:10:45 GMT

I've been drawing more the last two months. Mostly using traditional medium, my colored pencils with a few dabbles into digital.

I have been mostly working on my cosplays and getting ready for the anime con I will be going at the end of the week. AAC, Another Anime Con is a local small con and I am looking forward to going and hanging out with friends!!

I am still looking for work and I am trying to stay positive in my search.



Drawing / Reading / Writing / Anime/Manga / RPG Video Games / Swimming / Winter/Fresh Snow / Fall / Folk Lore/Legends/Mythology / Ancient Religions / Gothic/Asian Architecture / Other Cultures / Traveling / Conventions / Fantasy / the Natural World/Nature / Wolves / the Feline species / Aquatic Life / Gothic Style Fashion / Designing / Shopping / Hanging out / Eating / Sleeping / Listening to Music / Watching Movies / Thinking / Singing / Learning / English and World History / and The process of Creating/Creation