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Name : Cassis
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Location : London
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Date of Birth : 15th June 1987
Age : 29

Personal Bio

I like BJDs, Cosplaying, Roleplaying and Baking~

Cosplay Bio

I started properly about 4 years ago, in Tokyo Game show. Since then, I went from doing 2 costumes a year to going to pretty much every London based event going, making my own cosplay group, Watapachi (I love you guys you all are so awesome and I would not be able to enjoy cosplay as much as I do without you guys!)and hope I can enjoy, and have people enjoy my cosplay more in the future!

Unless stated, my usual photographer is Kuchiii

I mainly cosplay men, but someones am known to randomly want to do the most girliest chara I can imagine. XD

Contact Information <- my DA


Kuroshitsuji + Bleach Doujin sales!

Wed, 03 Mar 2010 14:30:00 GMT

I am selling all my doujinshi as...I don't read them anymore! All are pretty much mint, and all are very explicit R-18s (lol) All in Japanese, bought directly from stores in Japan by me last year (Bleach ones are 3 years old, but same). Most of my Kuro ones are Pink no Neko sensei's, because I love her art and kinks....

All doujin are $17 each, or $15 if you buy more than 2. I am based in the UK, and postage will be quoted when you tell me how many books you want :)

I have good feedback as seller on ebay though I havn't sold there for a while, I have very recent feedback spanning 3 years selling very expencive resin dolls on Den of Angels here

And here are the doujin: (Click to see bigger photo) If any question about content or whatever, ask me.



1) Drink me
Circle: Pinku no Neko (I think.)
Theme: Bunneh SebX Alice!Ciel


2) Hannetsuouji
Not sure of circle
Theme: SoumaXAgnisXCiel (3P) then CielXSeb


3) Fully Fully
Circle: Pinku no neko
Theme: Alice!CIel and Bunny Seb


4) My little bird
Circle: Pink no neko (Can you tell I like her stuff?)
Theme: Trap!CielXSeb, A little non-conish at the start....


5) Sendrillon
Circle: Pinku no Neko
Theme: LauXCielXUndertakerXSeb (4P) Futanari!Ciel (lol)

6) Humiliate me darlin'
Circle: Pinku no neko
Theme: CielXSeb
(The cover is a little damaged at one side at the front on this. Just thouht I would note it down.)

7) Shiyounin to inu
Circle unknown
Theme: Maid!CielXMaster!Seb Light SM

8) Chelucy
Circle: Pinku no neko
Theme: Trap!CielXSeb

9) Paredoru
Circle: Someone who knows Pinku no neko, but isn't. XD
Theme: Alice! CielXBunny Seb


Theme: ShiroichiXIchi, as always, kind of non-con.

Theme: ByaRen, Sort of non-con into hurt comfort...

Theme: ByaRen, Generic =D



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