Personal Information

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Name : Sarah 'Tifa'
Location : Manchester
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th August 1992
Age : 24

Personal Bio

I like to draw characters, make outfits for dolls andeven make dolls myself.

But im really fun to be around and when I dress as a character I like to become how I think that character would be like.

Cosplay Bio

I really love anime and cosplaying
I first found cosplay when i was looking for plushies on ebay because we dont get many manga shops that sell plushies in the UK and it sucks! So i thought id give cosplay a go and i found i liked it, I found that its like dressing up but for all ages, like Halloween, which happens to be my favourite holiday.

What i love about cosplay is, that you get to dress as your favorite characters from anime series and books and you can pretend that you are them. its also great when you can meet up with friends and do little skits or just mess about in costume.


Games / Sci-fi / Anime / Manga / Vampires / Dolls / Green / Purple / Black / Lasagne / Shiny things / Cosplay / Roleplay / Magic / Witches.