Dark and Light Samurai

Personal Information

Name : Abigail
Location : Milton Keynes / Manchester
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 4th May 1991
Age : 26

Personal Bio

I'm Abigail, Abi for short.
Love Final Fantasy games and also enjoy a variety of other games on ps1/2, gameboy/DS/3DS, PSP, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
I enjoy manga, anime, cartoons, some comics (more into the animations) and sci-fi.
I'm a quiet person for most of the time.

Cosplay Bio

Well, basically it started with wanting to make a costume of my OC Taelea and wore that to my first (in cosplay terms) convention. I got into it because of my friends, with being asked to cosplay some characters. I had enjoyed thinking through the possibilities of how to make props/armour or other parts of a costume.
However I am usually no good at getting photos taken of my costume to be able to show on here, which I think I also need a lesson in posing and facial expressions.


manga / anime / gaming / final fantasy / art / craft