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Name : Harriet
Location : Reading, England
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 15th June 1994
Age : 23

Personal Bio

Hi,Im Harriet Sims, I Live in Reading, Berkshire, England.
Im a Randon, Hyper, Yaoi Fangirl Screaming Anime Lover, Who misses Her Bestest Friend in the whole wide world, who needs a hug everyday cause me likes hugs and who has a bad reputation of randomly going up to people and flicking them xD.

I am in my last year at School, and got accepted into college for a Business Studies Course. My Dream is to live in Japan with my BFF Scarlett Moore, Who moved to NewZeland in 2009 T_T , Miss her so much T_T xxxx.

I have been to 2 Anime Expos:

London Mcm Anime Expo 2008- October- (didn't cosplay)

London Mcm Anime Expo 2009-May- (Cosplayed Deidara, With Scarlett as Itachi Nii-san xxxx)

Oh and a big shout out to all the people who have not been to an Anime expo but would like to go: Its So Much Better To Go With Someone,And In Cosplay,You Can Get So Much More Involed,But Dont Worry If You Dont Have A Outfit It Is Awesome Even In Your Normal Clothes *V Sign*....Nya!....,

Cosplay Bio

I cosplay:

Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)- Not very often-
L Lawiett (Death Note)-Loves him- ^_^
Deidara Iwa (Naruto)- xD what can i say " UN!!!! " -

I did have other cosplayers with me like:
My Little sister, she played Naruto and Misa, but then she stopped liking Anime *Gasp* i know shocking....

My BFF Scarlett Moore, she played Itachi Nii-san and Light Yagami, until she moved T_T xxxx.

I do still Cosplay, not as much as i used to or would like to, but hopefully once im finished my GCSE's i can concentrate more on Cosplaying and making outfits, rather then Studing ¬_¬....yh, so anywayz....

Contact Information

I Have Facebook, Msn, bebo and a youtube account ( called: InuNekoChan1 ) (Which i should be putting the cospaly vids on soon, hopefully)


Anime / Manga / Drawing / My Laptop / Writing Fanfiction / and the biggest of them all YAOI!!!!