Constable Crane

Personal Information

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Name : Jack
Website :
Location : Manchester UK
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 1st September 1974
Age : 42

Personal Bio

I am trying to enter into a career as a Johnny Depp look alike/impersonator, and have worked a couple of events for charity as Cpt Jack Sparrow. otherwise I make a living feeding the nation Big Macs and large fries, yip I work for mcDonalds. I love movies and Science Fiction and regularly attend conventions for both,. My obsessions are Tim Burton Movies, Johnny Depp, Amy Lee from Evanescence, chocolate, wine and cheese with crackers and Baileys'

Cosplay Bio

I mainly costume as Johnny Depp and His characters, My faves being Ichabod Crane from the 1999 Sleepy Hollow movie and Sweeney Todd. I am now branching out to other characters, but mostly sticking within movies. I am have also done costumes from Science fiction television



Movies / Tim Burton / Johnny Depp / Cosplay / Sleepy Hollow / Sweeney Todd / Having Fun