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Name : Kei
Location : UK
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Personal Bio

Umumum.. personal bio, what should I put here.. hmmms! I'm a gamer, I'm fond of certain kinds of music, I love to sleep a lil too much, and I enjoy playing childrens card games. That is, so long as there are no children ruining the experience! Pif!

Cosplay Bio

I've not cosplayed at any conventions, I've mostly cosplayed merely out of curiosity and for fun. I'm quite the shy guy, so cosplaying properly would draw attention to me, and we don't want that now, do we!?

Contact Information

Hummm.. hurr durr derple herp?


Anime / Manga / Sleep / More Sleep / Napping / Day Dreaming / Herping / Derping / Drawing / Helping People / Music / Rawr / Penguins / Childrens Card Games