Personal Information

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Name : Roy
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Location : Hampshire

Personal Bio

my name’s FOX / ROY; SIXTEEN year old space cadet; GENDERFLUID, her/he/xe; A-SEXGREY-ROMO; ISTP pixel nerd

  • asexual, grey-romantic trash

  • study art, english and film studies

  • i’ve just started attending college (uk)

  • i want to go into animatronics when i’m older

  • i taught myself to draw and code, but i’m still learning

  • can play the bass guitar and drums

  • has some form of oral allergies; they affect my mood

  • i love pixel art

  • no seriously, love pixel art

  • i live off coffee and noodles

Cosplay Bio

Put it in short: I cosplay for fun and that's about it.


Simon Pegg and Nick Frost / Blood Cornetto Trilogy / Muse / Star Trek / BPRD/Hellboy / Team Fortress 2 / Pokemon / Space / Borderlands / TFTBL / Wakfu / Kuroshitsuji / FMA/FMA:B