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Name : Naomi
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Location : Hampshire
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Personal Bio

Hello, my name is Naomi, but you can just call me Fox, Simon, Bones… or any name you want really. I've just had a lot of handles over the time on my internet and it's reached a point where you can just call me as you know me.

I don’t care for pronouns, if I’m honest, but if it is in your highest interest, I am white, female and asexual, so hopefully that little bit of information floats in your boat. I’m not one for ISJ or anything like that, I don’t really care for the whole 'internet identity issues' that seem to be floating around these days. Please don't ask my opinion on it as I come here to just keep a personal log of my progress, now I'm more mature and capable of... well, trying this to a far better standard than I have done in previous years.

I study in the south of the UK as a young student artist, also taking technology, computers and history; I draw mainly in my spare time which allows me to improve my skills separately from my studies. In the future, I would like to go into film creation of props, robotics and animation—also known as animatronics. Funny as it is, I'm not actually a fan of Five Nights at Freddy's.

Cosplay Bio

2011 would be my first year of cosplay, I was 12 at the time; went to my first convention in London. I went as Fox McCloud, but I've outgrown the suit now and would really like to revisit something from the Star Fox franchise at some point.

I also attended the 2012 London convention, during May as King Kazuma from Summer Wars, but the suit is now retired.

2014 I attended the October con (London. Always London) as the BLU Medic--of which is still being added to, to this date.

And finally, 2015 October, I plan on going to the same convention with my friend as Maxie (Pokemon ORAS/RSE, depending on what I can pull together) and Hermann from Pacific Rim (same goes). Should be some fun! But only time will tell.

Note to self: Please make an animatronic cosplay at some point in your life.


coffee / Irn Bru / zombies / Simon Pegg / Muse / Gorillaz / Team Fortress 2 / BPRD / Star Fox / Pokemon / Star Trek / space / Pokemon / The Hobbit