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Name : Pris
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Date of Birth : 22nd February 1980
Age : 34

Personal Bio

Back before MCM londonexpo May 2005, I didn't know that there was other people with similar taste in the UK, So expo really opened my eyes to the fact I wasn't alone in loving anime, manga, computer games and other stuff.

I really find that I can mingle more easy when I am in cosplay and it has boost my confidence a lot.

Cosplay Bio

I started Cosplaying in 2005 May MCM London expo when the Anime village was first announced.

Since 2009 I have cosplayed 20 characters, a few outfits not worth showing.

What I find about cosplay is the making process is interesting and can be also stressful if not handled properly (Time management), I think when the whole outfit is completed I feel more proud that I made it or had some input into it.


art / sewing / photography / MMORPG / reading / games / crafts.