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Name : Joshua
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Location : Christchurch, Dorset
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Date of Birth : 4th June 1992
Age : 24

Personal Bio

Just your simple average boy who lives by the creed.

I took the assassin life style as my own after how I see the assassins as heroes. However as years went by and so did events which shaped many paths for me, I've grown a bit different from your typical assassin. But please don't jump the gun and presume I'm nuts. I don't live in a fantasy world or anything...I'm just wanna do some good in the world just so happens I take the physical representation of an assassin.

I live (and like to pretend I watch over) a small southern Town called Christchurch. Between the years of donning the white hood and now I discovered a passion in history and too this day I work in a shop owned by the towns history society. (work up the ladder and all) Christchurch has a lot of history dating back to the anglo-saxons so i'm kept busy.

(TL;DR: My life is essentially Assassin's creed meets Kick-ass)

Cosplay Bio

A majority of my costumes ARE female, but that's only because I prefer the design of female characters to male ones. Sometimes it does depend on my mood. But don't let the crossdressing fool you. I can assure you I can be quite manly. *flexes*

My biggest catagory is Assassin's creed. But recently I've taken a HUGE liking to the Dragon age series and I since I've started practice to do better grade Cosplay armour The costumes from Dragon age will be an excellent training ground if you will. That, followed by a bit of star wars and then whatever else. (they're not on here as I have no photos, but I've also done 'Darth Revan' and 'Jango Fett')


Gaming / exploration / historical studies / drawing / Costume design/making / Trapping