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Name : Ashley
Location : Worcester, UK
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Personal Bio

Hello, world!
My name is Ashley, but call me Chocobro.
I'm a radio DJ and general skater. Making music runs in my blood, as pretty much everyone in my family is a musician!

I absolutely love videogames, especially those from the 90's, including Quake, Unreal, Half-Life, Starcraft and Dungeon Keeper. More recently I've been playing Sven Co-op and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion!

I may be quiet around people that I'm not used to, but after a short while I'll probably be deafening everyone in the area with nothing but my voice.

Cosplay Bio

My first cosplay was Starter Dave from the webcomic Homestuck, on MS Paint Adventures. It was a horrendously simple cosplay, sure, but it was incredibly fun. Through it, as well as a HUGE Homestuck group at MCM May 2011, I gained at least 20 new friends! :D

Enjoyment for me comes in banter form, so naturally I'll go with friends or into a group and just mess around! At MCM May 2011, near the end of the last day I agreed to have my face painted like a juggalo/clown. It looked deliciously ironic as I travelled to Paddington and to Oxford before being picked up by my parents, gaining stares (I TOLD YOU BRO) the entire time.

Contact Information

IRC: Chocobro on Rizon & Gamesurge
MCM Forums: Chocobro


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