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Name : Heather
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Location : Lancashire, UK
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Heyy, I'm Heather. Some people call me Chee or Cheetos.
Cosplayer & Lolita.
Musical Theatre student & waitress/barmaid.

I dislike things more than I like things,,

Adventure Time, Tegami Bachi, Gunnerkrigg Court, Attack on Titan, Star Trek, Homestuck, Mass Effect.
I also like fashion, frogs, pugs, horror movies, video games, tea, cigarettes, reptiles and alcoholic beverages including cider and more or less anything mixed with vodka.

I have more personality over at my Tumblr:

Cosplay Bio

I'd been into anime and manga for a while and I was particularly into +Anima and Fruits Basket when I came across a cosplay group called JAC Productions. I liked the idea of 'cosplaying' and so, when the opportunity came around in the form of a cosplay competition at a Tokyopop ReCon in my local Waterstones I decided to make a costume for it. My first cosplay was of Tohru Honda (summer uniform) from Fruits Basket and sadly, there are no photos.

I hope to be more ambitious with my costume choices in the future ;;

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Twitter: @probablyheather
Instagram: probablyheather
Tumblr: Bubblegumsproblem
DeviantArt: CheetosFTW xCheetos (Neglected)
Gaia: CaptYuura (Neglected)

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cosplay / cosplaying / anime / manga / wigs / frogs / koalas / pugs / photography / horror / romcoms / fashion / vintage / sleeping / tumblr / music / musical theatre / pugs / reptiles