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Name : Dan
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Fri, 02 Dec 2011 05:35:06 GMT

I got myself at 4am on 3 hours sleep, ready for work. There is no way in hell I'd consider myself capable of such a thing on a Uni day. This most unsettling epiphany has just registered: I'm nowhere near as dedicated to my further education as I want to be? At the very least, I strongly feel this way.

When you examine the pros and cons, working offers much more than education for me. At the end of my degree, I will get a degree, maybe with honours which is great if I ever wanted to teach. I really don't, by the way. Then there's working. For what I do, it's well paid, in a very stable industry, with a bunch of lovely people. Additionally, I could switch to full-time work and be offered the chance to make some serious progress within the company. I can even begin that road with my current part-time role. I'd get so much more money to live off and less stress working full-time than I have now.

The biggest question I finding myself asking is 'why do I still do a degree when I know there are no benefits for me at present?'

Ignoring the default answer of 'I don't know what I'll be doing, I might need it in 10 or so years', I'm reminded that I started the road to this degree for the love of literature and media. I wanted to broaden my horizons and see what drives other people. Sadly somewhere along the way, stresses of the real world have... dampened that passion, I guess.

3 and-a-half years is the time I've spent on this road. I really want my passion to return soon. I want all this hassle to be worth it.

Drive sexy xD

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