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Name : Carly
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Location : Glasgow, Scotland
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Date of Birth : 10th February 1981
Age : 33

Personal Bio

Hello :)
My name is Carly, I am 29 and I potter away in day to day life in Glasgow.
I graduated from Aberdeen University in November 2007 with a degree in English Language and Literature and now work for the Government. I like attending cons, travelling and having fun with my friends! I hate filling out bio stuff! >_<

Cosplay Bio

I really love cosplaying as video game characters, mainly beat em ups and RPG's. I plan to do a lot more fighting game costumes in the future.

Contact Information

Message me if you really want my MSN, too many mentals finding it and adding away!


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Anime / manga / cosplay / video games / collecting retro machines and games / going out / learning Japanese / reading / model kits / the net / shopping / music / swimming / keep fit.