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Name : Georgina
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 10th November 1992
Age : 24

Personal Bio

Hello there ^_^

My name is Georgina, Im 20 and too childish for my own good.
I should be growing up now I'm at Uni, and I am in a way I guess, however a little begrudgingly.

Cosplay Bio

I loved dressing up as a child, so cosplay is to me like cream is to a cat.... so so damn good ;D. I would cosplay so much to my hearts content... but alas, being a student with only a part time job means money is lacking and time to make things too is sparce >_> sad times... BUT dont get me wrong, that doesn't mean I dont cosplay :P I just cant do as many as others can.


Cosplay / Manga / Anime / Antiques / The Sims / Reading / Drawing / Photography / Sewing / Hello Kitty / Plushies / Teacups and Teapots