Personal Information

Name : Luke
Location : Hull
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 15th April 1989
Age : 28

Personal Bio

Hey im Luke Ive been into anime for about...well most of my life to be honest its been going on about 19 years. I enjoy meeting new people and love getting into new things. I am very easy to get on with so dont hesitate dropping me a line I love seeing peoples costumes!

As you can probably see from my costumes im a HUGE comic book fan! mainly DC but starting to re ignite my love for Marvel. I Love Superman! as he has always been a great inspiration to me, as much as a fictional character can be.

Cosplay Bio

Started cosplaying Properly about 6 - 7 years ago, first con was in America which was big big fun! been addicted ever since! ;) moved onto alot of different things and like to think I have quite a varied list not just from anime but from comics, movies, tv shows etc.

Contact Information
Skype - i-am-amazon


I love classic horror and comedy movies buster keaton marx brothers dracula noferatu ect. Role play games japanese culture and history 50's music singing and piano KABUKI!!!!! Super Sentai ...pretty much anything