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Name : Jay
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Date of Birth : 8th May 1997
Age : 17

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Hi im Cantil!
Okay a bit about me (not sure what to put);
I have a major love for arts such as fine art, photography, textiles, ect. My hobbies mostly consist of art and design and taking care of animals.
I'm generally quite shy around people till I start getting to know them, and I'm sometimes a bit socially awkward and tend to make awkward silences (I don't mean too). But I'm getting better and starting to be more social, especially with Kawaiichiki-Pyro introducing me to new people and giving me more confidence.

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I haven't been cosplaying for very long and have only recently started making my cosplays, they arn't amazing but they work.
I really hope I can make lots of friends on here and meet u all at conventions around the uk.

I'm really bad at these bios so I guess I will leave it at that :)

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying from people on DA when people were telling me about cosplay, and showing me pictures that others had posted.
I started cosplaying in 2010 with my first cosplay Riku from Kingdom Hearts 2 (made by my mums friend Steph).
My first hand made cosplay is Hanataro Yamada from Bleach, I found it rather hard to get the right sizes but otherwise it wasn't bad for a first attempt. But I have learnt from my mistakes so I can do a better job next time round.
Now that I have met up with Kawaiichiki-Pyro and Jessica (who I had not seen since infant school), they have helped me take a much bigger leap into the cosplay world (thanks guys) :D

London mcm expo may 2013
Sat- Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

London mcm expo oct 2013
Fri - Casual Nagisa (Free!)
Sat - Yogi (Karneval)
Sun - Jack Frost (ROTG)

London mcm expo may 2014
Fri- Kuroko Tetsuya (knb)
Fri Evening- Kuroko Tetsuya Matryoshka (knb)
Sat- Shizuo Heiwajima (Drrr)

Contact Information

Deviantart: Tealeafcantil
Tumblr: Tealeafdraco
IG: Tealeafcantil
FB: Cantil


Art / cosplaying / attack on titan / anime / black butler / blue exorcist / blood lad / disney / d.gray-man / durarara / deadman wonderland / dangan ronpa / final fantasy xii / final fantasy vii / free! / fursuiting / ginga nagareboshi gin / ginga densetsu weed / god eater / hetalia / kacchu no senshi gamu / kuroko no basket / katekyo hitman reborn / kingdom hearts / karneval / magi / manga / natsume's book of friends / no.6 / one piece / samurai drive / spyro / wolf's rain / tokyo ghoul / haikyuu