Personal Information

Name : Jaz
Website :
Location : London
Date of Birth : 5th August 1983
Age : 31

Personal Bio

I live in London, go to work and make costumes in what little spare time I have.

Cosplay Bio

I got into Cosplay back in 2001

Ayacon 2002 was my first con where I cosplayed Vash the Stampede, I hand sewed the whole costume, inner leather body suit and outta red coat, every. single. button. one of my hand sculpted knee pads flew off as I ran towards the front of tha stage and hit someone in the head, EXCELENT entrance....however I didn't win anything in the masquerade nope ... but 5 Squalls won prizes ... one of which was wearing just a pair of jeans and his mums coat!?! O.<; really
that's when I realised Cosplay isn't about prizes and stuff, it's about having a blast dressed like a tit.
so I strove to outdo myself... I did some frightening costumes over the years, there were many a poorly timed ripped crotch.

but I got out of the con scene I forget when.
But I thought SOD IT I enjoy making costumes, that's what it was all about in the first place... So I make them for fun now.