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Name : Vicky Mulvaney
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Location : Brighton
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 8th February 1993
Age : 24

Personal Bio

I could just start off this bio by just saying 'I'm awesome' and leave it at that, however according to my mother that makes me seem vain XD

Pffffft, what to say. Well I'm an Art-turning into-History student. I draw, I game, I annoy, you know those sorts of things.
I guess you could say that when it comes to some things I tend to get very attached and a bit obcessive, just ask my friends about me and Hetalia.... I'm not even joking.

*reads what I've just written* Pffft should have just left it as 'I'm awesome' after all :D

Cosplay Bio

The first convention that I attended was the MCM EXPO Oct 2009, and since then I've attended everyone since and hopefully plannin to visit some new conventions in the next year XD

Really, I cosplay because I enjoy it, to me it is something that I can really put my all into, and feel proud at what I produce. A large part of it is also the social side, just the people that I meet and the friends that I make is amazing. Also it's just a time for me to be with my friends and just really have a great time.

I wouldn't say that I had a specific theme in cosplaying, I tend to do a variety of different cosplays and a lot of the time they are group cosplays with my friends.


London MCM Expo Oct 2012
-Saturday: Prussia (Axis Powers Hetalia)
-Sunday: Kanan (Last Story)

London MCM Expo May 2013
-All Weekend: Kojuro Katakura (Sengoku BASARA)