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Name : Lucy
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Location : Bath/Leamington Spa
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 25th April 1995
Age : 21

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I'm a poor, poor student with no money.


Cosplay Bio

I started cosplay in 2007... so long ago now. It's embarrassing looking back at my first cosplays... so let's pretend I started in 2009 (that's when things got better). I've been making my cosplay by hand since I started. The number of sewing needles I go through every year is unfathomable.
My favourite thing about cosplay is probably collapsing onto the hotel bed after a hard day swanning around in a new costume...
My proudest achievement is my cosplay group (and our extended cosplay family) - we've worked really hard, and I'm proud of where we have got since we began as just two of us in 2007...

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cosplay / photography / manga / anime / music / writing / video games / horror movies