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Name : Caddy
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Personal Bio

I'm Caddy
I'm a cosplayer, daydreamer, and overall geek.
Have a degree in Computer Animation with Digital art. I can be shy when I meet new people, but once I'm comfortable I can be more talktative.
Besides cosplaying, I have a love for Art, including Graphic design and Illustration. I also have an interest in Photography and Writing.

Cosplay Bio

I first heard about cosplay in 2007, but I didn't actually start cosplaying until 2008 where I went to my first convention, Auchinawa.
Since then, I've made most of my cosplays myself. Most of them are either made from scratch or altered from other clothing. I enjoy making my own cosplays, however I will buy them if I have no time to make it due to Uni/work or I'm not sure how to make it. I'm definately no expert, but I enjoy learning new skills from each cosplay I make. My sewing skills improve slowly but surely! Overall I cosplay for fun! My love for cosplay continues to grow, I enjoy being able to portray characters and meet amazing people through this awesome hobby!

Events I've been to so far:
Auchinawa 2008
Auchinawa 2010
D-con 2011
London May expo 2011
Kitacon 2012
Doj-Con 2013
Ayacon 2013
Collectormania Glasgow 2013
MCM Scotland expo 2013
Kitacon 2014
Glasgow Comic Con 2014
MCM Scotland Comic Con 2014
Auchinawa 2014

Events I'm going to:
MCM London Comic Con May 2015
Kitacon 2015
MCM Scotland Comic Con 2015



Anime / Manga / Cosplay / Friends / family / art / photography / music / movies / plushies / flowers / daydreaming / Bleach / Final Fantasy / Sailor Moon / Axis Powers Hetalia / dress making / Portal / Sonic series / Macross Frontier / Game of Thrones / Avengers