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Name : Lise
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Location : London
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Date of Birth : 30th June 1989
Age : 27

Personal Bio

I have always been the 'eccentric friend' and I have for as long as I can remember always loved cartoons. It wasn't until I was around 12-13 I really discovered the Japanese version of it though. But oh my god, as soon as I did: I loved anime and manga!! The colours; the humour; the awesome costumes and hilarious faces! The main part of my allowance definitely went to buying several new manga’s every week. Most of my friends thought I was weird. Some, luckily, got my drift. ;)
After finishing college in summer 2009 I was still completely hooked on cartoons and manga, more so than ever. I was bored in Denmark though, nothing to do and my hometown was unbelievably 'homey'. >_< So I decided to start a new adventure, one becoming one of my greatest to this day still - I moved to London. I found a family and moved in with them as their Au Pair. For a year I took care of their children and lived with them in the outskirts of London, and I loved it. I went to my first convention in November 2009 and from there it just snowballed. I am now living on my own in London still and going to as many conventions as I can. I was also through cosplaying I now know some of the most awesome people - cosplaying has definitely carved my life into something I would have only wished for 5 years back..
And wow, I didn't know this bio would turn up this long or this sappy! XD If you stayed this long - thanks for reading! If you gave up and just wanted to check the ending - I don't blame ya! XD
Now, go check out my cosplays if you haven't already you lovely people! ^_^ <3<3

Cosplay Bio

Have always loved cosplaying, but only got really into it when I moved from Denmark to London summer 2009. Denmark is not really the place if you wanna go cosplaying. (not a single proper convention)
Anyways, now I am completely hooked and am constantly planning my next convention. ^_^

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Animeleague - BlueEyedValkyrie
Flickr - Blue Eyed Valkyrie
Deviant Art - MissLizzO


Travelling / new experiences / food / dancing and moving to a beat