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Name : Claire
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Location : Larkfield, Kent
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 5th March 1996
Age : 21

Personal Bio

Hello! I'm Claire and I love anime and manga. I'm not much of an otaku but anime and manga is a passion of mine! <3 I first got into Manga and anime when I was eleven. My friend showed me a game named Kingdom Hearts. About two weeks of playing it, I found the manga in WHSmiths. Ever since then, I've been into all types of anime and manga. My favourite all-time anime and manga has to be Death Note. I have loved it for about a year and a half now and the love is still going strong. I also like animes like Naruto, Hetalia, Ouran Hugh School Host Club, Loveless, Gravitation and Kyo Kara Moah! Some of the animes I'm going to watch include; Full Metal Alchemist and Pandora Hearts. I am a typical thirteen yearold. I would call myself a fangirl..Yes, Deffinatly! I also love Yaoi and Yuri! <3 I have burgandy coloured hair, blue eyes and peachy skin. I do have a few nicknames and they are; Matteh, Zexii, Clarance, Claduis, Gamer/Gaymer and Matthew. My personality is hard to explain...My mood changes reguarly...But most of the time I am fun loving and hyper, though I do have my down days.

Cosplay Bio

I'm not actually sure how I got into cosplay. I think it was when I watched Demyx Time on youtube. Thats what made me want to cosplay Zexion... Haha. I haven't really got any good cosplays yet, I'm still working on my Sasuke Uchiha cosplay and my Mail Jeevas (Matt) cosplays... But I do have little outfits that are similar to the characters clothes. The thing I enjoy most about cosplay is that you can escape reality and be someone you want to be. I love acting and drama. Which is probably why I like cosplaying.

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