Personal Information

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Name : Callanthia
Location : USA
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 29th April 1987
Age : 30

Personal Bio

I'm 23 and still love anime, comics, and cosplay. I love cute things, gothy and dark things, punk-like things, and a fusion of all of those things.

I love to draw and making things (from jewelery to dolls and chara hats), listen to any kind of music with a good beat or sound, play games (electronic and non-electronic alike), watching movies (comedy, romance, action, adventure, fantasy and horror), and a bit of shopping (especially if it's cute, edgy, and thrifty.

Cosplay Bio

Stumbled across people dressing as characters from anime and my friend B-chan discovered AWA (Atlanta Weekend of Anime) and I started going.

Lately I've been trying to go to Momo-con as well and I have yet to attempt Dragon-con.

What I enjoy most about cosplay is getting to dress as the characters y9ou admire so much and observing not just everyone elses hard work in there costumes and props, but meeting them in our common love for anime, manga and gaming.

Contact Information

Blue-Dahlia (BlueNailedDahlia)on Facebook
Blue-nailed Dahlia on Myspace
Sakinurai on DeviantArt


Anime / manga / gaming / cosplay / movies / horror / goth / punk / alternative / fangs / shapeshifters / fairies/faeries / cute stuff / piercings / tattoos / dyed hair / arts and crafts / sewing / knitting / Asian culture / mythology / legends / reading books / poetry / etc.